The White Lady

by Anonymous Conflict

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They got time and space, away from you just to get a reaction, and they feel no shame when they've taken it all the way from you, keep in mind, that the sun doesn't always shine, on you, take the time, to evaluate all that they do, to incentivize, ohhh.... Like Undying Flames, that shine in the rain forever, and it feels so strong, the warmth of the stars tonight, and I wish you well on all of the good you endeavor, cause we must stay strong and together, no matter the weather, But I felt so sad that day, that you left me, and I got so mad at the things you did and didn't say, I'd become so blind by the shields that protect me, and if they strip my mind before I go, don't resurrect me.
You don't, know me anymore enough to hold me in your arms, know that I am yours, I told you I'm unarmed, you waive your wand to check, you needed to be sure, that you don't, love me anymore, it's clear and I'm so sure and the writing's on the wall, sometimes, it seems from time to time as I jump from rhyme to rhyme I'll try to get by, knowing it's alright, cause life it just sometimes might, and you don't need me anymore, pushed me out the door, a sacred bond's been torn, and you won't, hold me anymore, now I'm forced to face the world unsure, leave me to mourn, When we, think back to those times, it rips me at the seems I can't keep my eyes dry, maybe it's alright, that you don't, know me anymore when for a time the bond we shared would transcend words, the remnants, burns me to the core, to think that what we had was so pure, and you don't, love me anymore, it's clear and I'm so sure and the writing's on the wall, sometimes, it seems from time to time as I jump from rhyme to rhyme I'll try to get by.
Come closer, well so I've been told, no one knows her, they swear that they don't, the White Lady, covered in gold, should've seen her lying there, staring so cold, So come, come as you are, perfect to me, perfect to god, all your mistakes, it's who you are, wear them with pride, wear them like scars, and they become yours, I'm angry, well so I've been told, no one sent me, I came on my own, they don't trust you, the White Lady certainly won't, they were right to, I'm not wearing their clothes, a disturbance, like an ingrown nail on their toe, I'm the blood in their nose, I'll take over this place I'll take over this place.... I'll say come, come as you are, perfect to me, perfect to god, and you've made mistakes, well I've made a lot, but so have they, they just never got caught, and I won't be bought.
System can hold me and write all my bad moves, I speak to the old me and only in my dreams, it seems so enticing, the nice things on the tv, and I coulda' died cause the doctor wouldn't see me, then rise like the tide, it's a warm summer night and you're contemplating life, nothing's changed, except for everything, and nothing's the same for you and I'm to blame, Take me, break me down, save me, let me drown, in what sustains me, won't sustain me now, Ohhh resides on his own, got nowhere to go, got nothing to show, just like days of old, that story's been told, I'll just keep running my energy's been done and completely depleted but I can prove that I don't need it I can prove that I can see it, a prophecy completed, the music I don't dance to I'm rocking like the sea is, I saw the boss step to a gold soul that's yellower than pee is but I will not profit like he is cause I will not sell out like he did, and to all my regrets, it is no secret that I will keep running and I will stay focused and righteous and cunning and cursing like locust, cause I'm angry, pissed at the world, they think I'm just cranky and mad at a girl, I got 1 million reasons why I never faltered, I married the journey left fear that the alter, when the whole fucking world thinks it's banging your daughter and waste no more time they'll take me to the slaughter, she told me to go and I swear that I fought her, but the harder you pull they grab harder and harder, I shouldn't have started it or played a part in it, wake up a day and it became a part of me, gotta make it if it's hard to breathe, gotta see it, even if it's hard to see, that night the voice spoke to me, all the hope I had was feeling like a hoax to me, my sweetest friend I haven't seen you in so long, I stayed with the others and tried to hold my tongue, I called you my brother and watched you go so young, we're fighting a war and they crush the rebellion, It's Hitler, Napoleon, and general Pyongyang, your beacon of hope it was shining like diamonds, the spiritual lyrical level that I'm on, oh how it's grown since the words of Old Saigon, and I've moved on, all that was certain was total destruction, the river went red and it smelled of corruption, and I'm long gone.
She smiles, feeling so up above, she can't hear me her ears are numb, and time, heals with a painful touch, and it burns when I smoke too much, Moved, moved by the cold white snow, she'll tell you where to go, now that we're all alone, all I hear are minor chords, minor chords, you'd never know she's a friend of yours, you've never seen that side before, But why, when you question her no one's there, don't even stop and stare, the rest of them just don't care, care for a thing called truth, but they'll tell you what to do, and now they're controlling you, I've seen it a million times before, pray to the leaders we're dying for, fight the regime in defiance or, follow the words of a giant score, of voices, Conflicting Noises.


"The White Lady" is a lyric heavy, indie/alternative rock album which aims to explore and express the dynamic and complex relationship between the true self of the individual and the status quo and expectations of society.


released December 26, 2019

Anonymous Conflict
Nicholas Lav
Kerry Smith
Cathouse Studios


all rights reserved



Anonymous Conflict Franklin Township, New Jersey

Anonymous Conflict - Musician / Lyricist / Human Being

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